Like all charities we have a group of trustees. But our main work is done through members coming together in groups to look at particular issues they feel strongly about.


Anyone who is active on one of the issues SoWN works on can be a member of the Steering Group. All important decisions come to this group for agreement. The idea is that we work by consensus, as a community.  If you are interested, or if you represent a local group or organisation, please contact us.


Most work is done through groups. Anyone who lives of works in the area can get involved and give their views or help with our work. Groups include:

  • Planning

  • Environment & Greening

  • Use of Development Funds

  • Communications & Membership

If you are interested contact us.​


As a registered charity, SoWN has a small group of trustees who ensure it does what it is set up to do and is broadly representative of all the diverse parts of the community. Current Trustees are:

  • Suat Binkaya (Park Plaza)

  • David Clarson (resident)

  • Giles Goddard (resident)

  • Michael Johnson (WeAreWaterloo)

  • John Langley (National Theatre - Chair)

  • Carmelita Lee (resident)

  • Hannah Quigley (resident)

  • Max Weiner (resident)