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A Bit About Us

South Bank & Waterloo Neighbours is a voluntary organisation that brings together the people who live here, small and large businesses, the cultural organisations for which the area is famous, community groups and local workers. We wrote the Neighbourhood Plan (2020) and we organise a regular Neighbourhood Forum and other activities. Together we are working to make our neighbourhood an even greater place to live, work or visit.

Because this is an amazing area! It includes Britain’s busiest railway station (100 million passengers p.a.), one of the UK’s largest hospitals, the biggest concentration of arts and culture in Europe, some of London’s top tourist attractions (28 million visitors), major companies, many hotels and restaurants, the headquarters of several charities, major educational institutions, and the fantastic walk along the river from Lambeth Place to Blackfriars and beyond. And, with all that, it has a great and diverse residential community of over 12,000 people.

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