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The Neighbourhood Plan protects open spaces. It says major developments should allow easy pedestrian access to open space. It encourages green roofs or other measures to help fight climate change, and where new trees are impracticable says planters, rain gardens or green walls should be considered. It also seeks to improve air quality and reduce pollution from vehicles. To see the Plan's environmental policies in full, click here...

This page shows programmes our Environment Groups are working on.  All are welcome to join our groups and contribute their thoughts. If you are interested, please contact us.

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Green Spaces

Only a quarter of homes in the SOWN area have access to a private garden, which makes public space even more important. We would like to reach a position where no one lives or works more than 250 m from a well-maintained green space. We also have a subgroup which aims to improve collaborative work in all our local parks, especially Jubilee Gardens, Bernie Spain Gardens, Archbishop's Park, St John’s Churchyard, Hatfields, Ufford Street and Millennium Green. 

To see our input to Lambeth's Parks & Green Spaces Strategy 2020, click here.

To see information on the Emma Cons Gardens consultation, click here.

Air Quality

Parts of Waterloo and Southbank have very poor air quality. We are working with South Bank Employers Group, TfL and other local partners to find ways to improve air quality, to make this a better place to live, work and relax in.

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There are many fascinating trees in the SoWN area, and we seek to look after the trees we have as well as encouraging planting more. 

A guided walk has been created for the trees in Archbishop's Park.  It can be downloaded here. 

For further information or to help with SOWN’s environmental work, get in touch!

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