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South Bank & Waterloo Neighbours is a joint business and residential neighbourhood forum. Its members represent residents, large and small businesses, large and small cultural and voluntary organisations, and local community groups.  The following sections indicate individuals or organisations that either are members, are part of an umbrella group that is a member or who have the right to be a member.

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Individual Members

Individuals who live or who work within the SoWN area can be members in their own right and take part in all SoWN activities.

This list is not public

Resident organisations

There are some 20 Tenants and Residents' organisations in this area, many of whom are represented in SoWN.

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Large organisations

Many large businesses, cultural and other organisations (with over 40 employees) are situated in the area and are represented either directly or via umbrella organisations such as the South Bank Employers' Group.

Community Groups

The area has a significant number of local community groups working to support the community and improve Waterloo. All are eligible to be SoWN members.

List in development
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Small Businesses

There are over 200 small businesses in Waterloo, including shops, cafes and restaurants and services such as dentists, solicitors, architects, accountants and others. Many are represented on SoWN either directly or through the WeAreWaterloo or South Bank BIDs (Business Improvement Districts)

List in development

Educational Organisations

  • Kings College, London

  • London Nautical School

  • Morley College

  • Oasis Academy

No further list
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