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Resident organisations

(NB. The following are situated within the SoWN area but are not all currently represented on SoWN)

  • Briant Estate Residents' Association

  • Dodson & Amigo TRA

  • Chaplin Close TRA

  • Edward Henry House Residents' Association

  • Greenham Close & Frasier St Residents' Assoc.

  • Iroko Housing Co-op (Coin St)

  • Lambeth Estate Residents Assoc.

  • Mulberry Housing Co-op (Coin St)

  • New Cut Housing Co-op

  • Octavia Hill Estate Tenants Assoc.

  • Palm Housing Co-op (Coin St)

  • Peabody Estate Stamford St.

  • Redwood Housing Co-op (Coin St)

  • Tait & Benson House TRA

  • Webber & Quentin TRA

  • Westminster Square Residents’ Association

  • William Blake Estate (City of London - Southwark)

  • Windmill House Residents' Assoc.

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