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What we Do

The South Bank & Waterloo is a vibrant neighbourhood at the very heart of London. It includes Britain’s busiest railway station (100 million passengers a year), one of the UK’s largest hospitals, the biggest concentration of arts and culture anywhere in Europe, some of London’s top tourist attractions (28 million visitors), major companies like Shell and IBM, a large number of hotels and restaurants, the headquarters of charities like Oasis and Christian Aid, major educational institutions – and a strong and diverse residential community of over 12,000 people.

South Bank & Waterloo Neighbours brings these diverse interests together as a community determined to make this the friendliest, most enjoyable  and most welcoming neighbourhood in London. We organise the South Bank & Waterloo Forum, where people meet and discuss the issues affecting the area; we organise working groups to look at specific issues like environment and new developments; and we seek to bring individuals and organisations with shared community interests together to make us all more effective.

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