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Neighbourhood plan highlights

Green & pleasant

The plan protects open spaces. It says major developments should allow easy pedestrian access to open space. It encourages green roofs or other measures to help fight climate change, and where new trees are impracticable says planters, rain gardens or green walls should be considered.

Breathe easy

Pollution is a serious problem here. The plan identifies greenways off main roads, where developments should prioritise pedestrians and cyclists, improving air quality and reducing noise. It promotes car free developments with things like electric vehicle charging, consolidated deliveries and air filtration for residents.

A place to call home

Affordable housing is usually developed on site. In exceptions where that can't happen, the plan says thought should be given to making neighbourhood land available to a local designated Community Land Trust which can partner with a registered housing provider for other affordable housing.

The right mix

Lower Marsh is our high street. Retail space shouldn't be converted to residential, and a mix of shops should be kept. The plan prefers workspace which can be divided for flexible use and co-working, and developments which generate local jobs, apprenticeships, training and work placements.

Not just for tourists

Our area has more than a dozen big hotels. They should offer benefits to the wider community - like function rooms, cinemas, gyms and swimming pools. They should limit catering so guests eat and drink at local restaurants, cafes and bars, employ local people when possible and have shop fronts onto the street.

The art of community

The plan supports what makes living and working in South Bank & Waterloo so great - the graffiti tunnel and other cultural activity in Leake Street, our community hubs at Waterloo Action Centre and Living Space, and Make Space Studios for artists.

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