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Mike Tuppen Oct 13 136

Siting across many of the plan’s themes, a subject that has been consistently raised in working groups and other meetings and events is culture.

Culture by its standard definition is something to be celebrated in the South Bank and Waterloo Neighbourhood, renowned on an international level for its big institutions. But what’s to see when we look beyond those giants of the arts? Is culture in the neighbourhood healthy?

There are elements of cultural provision in the neighbourhood that rely on public subsidy, buildings that could be threatened by surrounding development, businesses in the cultural sector supply chain which are struggling due to rising rents.

We would like your thoughts on what a cultural policy for the South Bank & Waterloo neighbourhood Plan might look like. Remember that the policy itself has to relate to development, so might include:

  • How planning permission could be made easier to encourage cultural events, pop ups and temporary art
  • A framework for developers who are including cultural uses in their developments
  • How (and who) developers should consult in the community on cultural issues
  • What cultural uses we are lacking or where we need improvements to existing provision (this could include a library for instance)

Other issues which cannot be included as policy – but which may be included in the guidance or vision sections of the plan – might be your thoughts about the wider cultural vision for the South Bank.  You may want to say what the plan should recommend the council spends community infrastructure levy payments on to help improve the offer.

You may have thoughts on the broader definition of culture – language, faith, tradition and heritage. How could the vision set out in the neighbourhood plan best articulate what is needed in this area?

Use the comments section below or send your thoughts by email.  We can also set up a round table discussion if there’s a desire for that, but this will have to be done quickly, since we are moving into the final plan writing phase.

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