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Mike Tuppen Oct 13 124

The SoWN working groups have been hard at work interpreting what you told us last summer into a set of objectives which might be addressed through development. Examples include:

  • How we can ensure that the retail environment in the South Bank and Waterloo is appropriate for the people who live here as well as those who work here, commute through, or visit as tourists.
  • How we ensure that the area is affordable for middle and low income people who don’t qualify for social housing but cant afford market prices
  • How to make the area liveable for older people
  • How to protect our valued green spaces and ensure development doesn’t increase pressure on them – or even creates new open space
  • How we ensure there are bits of the neighbourhood free from traffic and pleasant to walk in
  • How we make sure people are supported with the right facilities – a proper library, a new health centre, enough school places and jobs for locals.

More detail on the policies and projects across each theme can be found in the themes section of the website – just click on the icon representing the area you’re interested in.

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