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Designated SoWN Area April 2014

Lambeth and Southwark have designated the SoWNeighbours area according to the map above.

Lambeth decided to designate both the area and the group as applied for. Over a hundred people wrote in to the consultation to encourage Lambeth Council to make this decision and there were only 3 objections, all of which related to the Southwark section of the the area, so there are reasons to feel positive about the outcome in Lambeth.

On the Southwark side, the then SoWN Chair Mark Riches and a small delegation of SoWN members attended the Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council to present the application to Southwark residents and Councillors.  The comments relayed to Cllr Colley, the Cabinet Member responsible for making the decision on the Southwark application reflected a desire to retain the boundaries of the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum, with which part of the South Bank and Waterloo application overlaps.

Southwark’s decision, referred to Cabinet, was to accept the current designation of the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum and designate only the southern section of SoWN’s applied for area.  SoWN are accepted as an appropriate group to plan for that area.  A map of the new area can be printed from our archive.

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